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dramione_advent's Journal

Dramione Advent Calendar
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What is an advent calendar?
An Advent Calender is a German tradition, used to count down the days before Christmas. Every day another "door" is opened and a new present (usually chocolate or a small surprise) is revealed. (Go here if you'd like to read more).
Dramione Advent Calender
The Dramione version of this is going to work as follows: 24 people are going to each write a drabble/one-shot or create a piece of fanart, and I'm going to post one a day, starting December 1st as a gift to all Dramione fans.
The first phase of the Dramione Advent Calender will be nominating possible authors/artists. Everyone is welcome to nominate their favourite authors/artists. I will then invite those that received the most nominations to write a drabble or draw a pic for the calendar.
Should not enough authors/artists agree to participate, there will be open sign-ups for the remaining spots in October.
Every participant will receive a prompt. Their assignment is to write a seasonal Dramione drabble/one-shot, between 500-5000 words (rated no higher than R), or to draw a seasonal Dramione pic (no photo manips etc, rated no higher than R) incorporating the prompt.
Additional Rules and Information
Although the drabbles/drawings will be posted by me, the header will include the author's name, meaning unlike fic exchanges the submissions won't be anonymous. Once your drabble/drawing has been posted to dramione_advent feel free to post them to your own journals or wherever you like. However, please refrain from posting your drabbles/drawings before they have been posted in this community.
Also, all participating authors/artists will receive a banner for their submission.
Since the drabbles/drawings will be rated no higher than R, membership for dramione_advent is open. Feel free to join or friend the community. Posting access is restricted to the mod.
All fanfics and fanart displayed on this communnity were posted for fun and no profit is being made. No copyright infringement is intended.
Begin Nomination: September
Sending out Participation Invites: October
Open Sign-ups (if necessary): October
Assignments due: November 25th
Begin Posting: December 1st
Finished Posting: December 24th
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