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December 13 (Art)

Title: Candlelight Diptych
Artist: nejna
Rating: G
Prompt: Candlelight
Warnings: none
A/N: Diptych is composed of two paintings called Candlelight Promises and Candlelight Visions. Considering my prompt I tried to show some of Croatian traditions tied with advent time and Chritmas itself. There are several sybolic meanings that can be found in paintings.
Decorated apple is a traditional Christmas present that is given to girls as a sign of love and promise, Draco is obviously giving an enchanted version to Hermione.
Christmas trees in Croatia are by tradition ornamented with apples, gilded nuts and small size licitars. Licitar is colorfully decorated cake made of honey dough. Traditionally it is of bright red color with white trimmings and it's produced in various shapes (hearts, flowers, bells etc.) and sizes.
One of the traditions that is still followed today is the sowing of Christmas Wheat that stands for life and fertility. On St. Lucy's day the 13th of December wheat seeds are planted in a plate of shallow water where they grow until Christmas. Later the wheat is trimmed and wrapped with a red, white and blue ribbon called tricolour-trobojnica. If the wheat is strong and green for Christmas, next year will be fruitful and joyful. Candlelight from candles lit and placed in the middle of wheat represents the soul within every person.

Tags: 2010, art
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